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Dr. Garland Grant Fulcher
Your Plano Chiropractor

  • "Since I have been coming to this office for chiropractic work I have seen great improvements in my ability to move easier with less pain and muscle soreness. Dr. Fulcher is very attentive to my health concerns and is always providing information and proactive wellness supplements for continued good health. I have even seem improvements in my respiratory health since following the doctor's wellness plan with supplements. I once suffered with bronchitis 3-4 times per year, since I have utilized supplements I haven't been sick for 5 months. I would highly recommend anyone to visit this office for chiropractic or wellness care."
    Barbara P.
  • "My left hip was continually coming out of the socket-treatment, therapy , and adjustment have made my hip 100% better."
    James S.
  • "I came in with severe lower back pain. A chronic condition had resurfaced and had actually gotten worse. Through treatment my back Is no longer hurting and I expect to keep it that way through regular maintenance."
    Kenneth W.
  • "Several months ago, my left hand was numb most of the time. I started coming here for help and found that the doctors at Prime Life Chiropractic really care about you!! Not only has my hand quit going numb all the time Dr. Grant now has me on whole food supplements and I quit smoking!! God still works miracles!! At Prime Life they happen every day... Thank you for caring !!"
    Van P.
  • "Over the last 2 years I have had several challenges with my health. Dr. Grant has relieved every health concern that I've had. I would highly recommend his services to anyone that will listen and will continue to be a patient of his as long as I am in the area. I look forward to continued maintenance to my body . This is truly a doctor that truly cares about his patents."
    Debra L.
  • "I always enjoy my "rice crispie treat" (because I always snap, crackle, pop) from Dr. Grant! Immediate relief is experienced after every adjustment. I wish I could get one every day! The politeness and thoroughness of the staff is refreshing. I always feel and inch or two taller after every visit and love to tell everyone I know that this is the best chiropractor in town!! Worth a long drive to see!! Treats the whole system-joints-etc...not just the spine!!Thank you."
    Valerie S.
  • "I hurt my back when my mom started to fall. I grabbed her right before she hit the ground. Not thinking of my back getting hurt or the position I was in when catching her. I ruptured a disk in my lower back. Dr. Grant Fulcher has worked hard with me and helped me thru the pain to complete recovery. In the beginning with pain most all day every day. I now seldom have a day that I feel back pain. I recommend Dr. Fulcher to all people who ever have any concerns with pain of any kind. He is wonderful."
    Trion H.
  • "Since the first time I came here, I felt comfortable. The staff is friendly and Dr. Fulcher is fantastic! He's been very helpful, kind and informative. Every time I leave, I feel relieved and my questions are answered. It's frustrating when you don't know what's going on with your body but Dr. Fulcher helped me find a solution. Even though I live 30 minutes away it's worth the drive! I definitely recommend Dr. Fulcher to all my friends and family. Thank you Dr. Fulcher and staff for getting me out of pain!"
    Jacqueline G.
  • "Prior to my initial treatment, I was in severe pain- difficult to sleep, walk, sit, etc-I still have pain but it is not as severe and is certainly more manageable now I am more cognizant about sitting, standing, and moving about, etc-I absolutely LOVE my standard process vitamins and feel they have made a huge difference in my general health, mood and daily well-being."
    Julie T.
  • "Before I started seeing a chiropractor, I was sick with bronchitis 9 months out of the year. Since I started coming to Dr. Fulcher I rarely get sinus infections. I also take very few medications for my asthma. I think my general health and immune system is better since I get adjustments."
    Leah E.
  • "I believe in chiropractic as a means to keep the body aligned and healthy. Grant is one of the best chiropractors that I have ever gone to. I feel much better after my visits and adjustments."
    Ginger B.
  • "Since I've been coming to Prime Life I've gone from barely being able to function or work, to being virtually pain free."
    Sandra C.

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