Hello, I’m Dr. Grant Fulcher but I like to keep things casual with my patients, so I go by Dr. Grant for short. I have owned Prime Life Chiropractic since 2004 and feel being a Chiropractor is the best job/calling in the world. Serving others is one of my gifts but also passion of mine. My goal is to help people improve their lives holistically and get them out of pain in the most effective way possible. My wife and I are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and fully enjoy helping others on their journey to optimal health. When I started here at Prime Life, I was newly married, had just graduated and had a baby on the way. Life hit us at full speed! Now our two beautiful daughters, Emma and Tess are keeping us in the fast lane. Emma will be 15 in June of 2020 and attends Lucas Christian Academy, Tess turns 9 in April of 2020, how time flies.  Fortunately, they both love adventure sports just like my wife and I. We love everything from biking, rollerblading, hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, & scuba diving. My personal favorite is hunting. Even though I don’t regularly practice it now, I am certified in Equine Chiropractic, and of course adjust my patient’s dogs and cats from time to time as well. My wife is also a chiropractor and joins me at the office part of the week when she isn’t juggling kids’ activities. I do the adjustments while she handles exams, new patients, helps the front office and anything else that needs to be done to keep things running smooth.

My chiropractic story:

For me the love of chiropractic started pretty early. I’m from a family of baseball players. My Grandfather was a pitching coach at Plano East high school, my dad and uncle all played so naturally from the time I was 5 years old I was on a team. When I was 16 years old, I hurt my elbow pitching during a tournament. My dad took me to one of the top orthopedic doctors in DFW who put me on anti-inflammatories (like naproxen) which only helped a little. Naturally I continued to play, and the problem got worse. At the start of the next season I was now 17 and had spent many hours doing physical therapy and within 2 games, the bad pain came back. Even at that young age I had a gut instinct that there has to be another option than the typical western medicine pain relief model. From the recommendation of my coach, who had played semi-pro ball, I went to a chiropractor that adjusted my neck, shoulder, bicep tendon, elbow, and carpal tunnel, he also put me on some nutrients to heal the tissue. Within 2 weeks I was 95% better, I was thrilled. Not only was my elbow and shoulder pain almost gone but the mental stress relief from dealing with this injury for close to a year was amazing. After that I knew that’s what wanted to do and I’m so grateful for that experience. I love to save people from a statistically failed system of medications, shots, and preventing surgeries.

Outside of my personal experience I honestly knew very little about chiropractic and nutrition until I began Chiropractic school. Right from the start I was blown away by what I learned at Parker College of Chiropractic about the body’s “master system” and how the brain and spinal cord control every system, organ, and muscle in the body. I began to see that miracles happen all the time in holistic circles and I also saw how the information is rarely used in mainstream media despite the fact that these methods often work better with the added benefit of doing ZERO harm. This is where I get on my soap box so-to-speak, because if you look at western medicine’s own standards, you will see that prescription drugs are 4th leading cause of death in the USA, and that is meds that were properly prescribed and taken as directed. That is scary! Imagine what it would be if it counted misdiagnosis, prescription drug abuse, and pharmacy mistakes to only name a few. It makes me laugh at myself that as a teenager I was worried about having my neck adjusted for the first time but would take Tylenol, or allergy medicine without a worry!

So far in my practice one of the most amazing things I see on a weekly basis at my clinic is how much trouble/pain it saves people from to simply keep them out of a flawed health care system. America’s Western Medicine model is #1 in the world when it comes to emergency care or needed surgeries, but we are not even in the top 70 when it comes to health care, true health that is. We take more medicine than every other nation combined annually yet we are sicker than all other nations combined, why is that? It’s because our health care system doesn’t treat the cause of your symptoms, it is only designed to mask them with prescription and over the counter drugs. This “drug first- then surgery” approach often weakens the body and never treats the cause of the condition while the patient slowly gets worse, less active, more arthritic, and as a result takes more and more meds.

With holistic (treat the whole person) treatment you can restore your life. I always encourage my patients to go the natural way first. The worst-case scenario is, you really do need that drug or surgery, but now you know that you at least tried to avoid it. The best-case scenario is that you avoid all the pain, hassle, damage, and time lost in a system that only benefits from your dependence on it. In this scenario your body functions optimally because you avoid chemicals, eat a balanced healthy diet and have a nervous system that is in peak condition which means EVERYTHING WORKS BETTER! But it doesn’t stop with joint and nerve pain. What about allergies, IBS, menopause, blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue diabetes etc.? Are these diseases that form from the lack of a drug? I am so grateful that I can show people how to transform their health through healthy diet. This is a passion of mine; I always make proper referrals when needed but I know if people started with my care many of the most nagging problems that plague so many people in the USA could be avoided. This way you get fixed quickly without side effects, and save the time, money, and most importantly health. I would consider it an honor as a Christian to keep you out of a pharmaceutical system.

I practice what I preach!

I honestly can’t count how many times a few adjustments and whole food nutrients have pulled me out of pain or sickness and gotten me back to work or enjoying hobbies. Most of my hobbies like rock climbing, hunting behind dogs (which means lots of hiking in terrain), yard work etc. I am so grateful for this wisdom in my own life I can’t imagine my life today if I took meds, quit most of my hobbies, and went the route I see so many people have been doing for years. When I look at my daughters and see how healthy they are, I truly thank God for him showing me this information.  Of course, they have had several common problems kids at these ages have, but how we treat them strengthens their bodies. We all get knocked down, but how we treat ourselves in getting back up is what makes the biggest difference. Don’t rely on a failed (statistically proven) system for your health, come let me show you a better way to live.

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