Neuropathy is the tingling or burning sensation on hands or feet caused by the damaging of the nerve covering layer. This makes it difficult to perform activities of daily living. The sooner you seek care, the more successful your results will be.

At Prime Life Chiropractic we help people who suffer from peripheral neuropathy pain through an advanced, FDA-cleared, and non-invasive treatment, which increases blood flow to the nerves and allows your damaged nerves to heal naturally so they can return your feet and/or hands to normal. No surgery and no addictive medications. You will have improved balance and stability, sleep better, and reduced swelling.

Symptoms include:

  • Numbness sensation or loss of feeling

  • Burning or sharp pain

  • Sensitivity to touch

  • Restless legs or leg cramping

  • Difficulty sleeping from leg pain

  • Balance or coordination problems

  • Arm or leg weakness

    Neuropathy can be caused by:

  • Diabetes- Did you know we can show you real nutrition lifestyle that allows your body to heal itself, so you won’t need diabetic medicine while regenerating the nerve?

  • Injury or trauma- Did you know chiropractic allows the nerves to heal?

  • Infections – What nutrients are you lacking to heal your nerve?

  • Metabolic disorders – Do you know the root cause? Is it from a deficiency of medicine?

  • Toxins- Do you know effective ways to detox?

To schedule an appointment, call our Plano, TX clinic at 972-424-2225. We are happy to answer any questions.

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