Gabby Brule

This is our office manager and chiropractic assistant, she has been working at Prime for over 14 years and she keeps us all compliant in many aspects. You might see her on your initial and second visit, she helps Dr. Fulcher with patient education and with the exams, also oversees the day to day operations of the clinic.

In addition to all that, Gabby can answer any questions about your case, financials, and insurance. Her goal is to have a confident working team so we can all help our patients in their quest for health. And she can do all that in español también!


She is our sweet and friendly front desk receptionist, the one with the pretty hair and beautiful smile, who is very patient and always happy to assist your needs when it comes to appointments and financial questions. Rosa también habla español!


We are joyful to introduce Amy! She is the most recent addition to our team; she is been with us since September of 2018, though we have known her and her family as our patients for many years before she started working here, so we feel very happy she chose us to work with after getting her certifications, she has good work ethic and enjoys helping others.

Amy runs our therapy room, able to perform traction, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, laser, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercises to our patients, she also helps with insurance verifications and appointments, among other office duties.

When asked about what she likes about working here, her response was: “Patients! I love the interaction with the patients, they’re all so nice, and always give me advice, like a parent or an uncle would”.