First, let’s define a few terms:

Glycemic index is, it is the system that ranks foods on a scale from 1 to 100 based on their effect on blood-sugar levels.
Glucose is a simple sugar, C6H12O6, our bodies use it to obtain energy though respiration within the cell, and it comes in 2 forms: dextroglucose, which is a more natural sugar, like honey, fruits, and animal tissue; and levoglucose, which does not occur naturally in higher living organisms, but can be synthesized in the laboratory, also known as fructose, commercially found in starches and it cannot be used by living organisms as source of energy.

Sugar abundance is the base of all the chronic diseases that are effecting most American households now days. A few examples of excess sugar intake (obvious or hidden sugars) that is the primary cause of you or your loved ones’ diseases are: diabetes, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, and all other chronic inflammatory conditions like high cholesterol, obesity, etc. Too much sugar in your body does not allow the proper cellular processes to take place in your body and increases inflammation, which prevents you from healing faster. What you eat has a direct effect on your recovery time as well.  

Part of the reason this is such a pandemic is simply because of a lack of knowledge, uninformed society, and unfortunately our own ignorance. Unfortunately, we are also misinformed at at deeper level, starting from the FDA’s food pyramid. The original Food Guide Pyramid, is a widely recognized nutrition education tool that translates nutritional recommendations into the kinds and amounts of food to eat each day. That pyramid needs to be flipped upside down, because currently that food pyramid has the starches at the base with the highest serving amounts, telling the American people to eat foods such as breads, pasta, cereal, and rice in higher amounts, when we know that starches become sugar once they go through the digestive process in our system, and most of that will not be used as a source of energy since it’s not in its natural form. This is a “no no”!

Idealy, we should consume food in this order:
More the vegetables, they provide nutrients that enable your cells to carry out vital process in your body.
Followed by healthly fats, we need healthy fats for our brain, joints, and to help fight inflammation, such as avocadoes, coconut/avocado/cod liver oil.
Protein, for muscle fibers, we can get protein from animal meat.        
Fruit is not bad for you, but if you are trying to loose weight, you should minimize your fruit intake and be more selective when eat them, for example, eat more berries instead of bananas.

This combination will fuel your body with the nutrition it needs to function and not store fats and sugars that feed the inflammation and therefore causes health issues in the future.

I highly recommend avoiding anything that is genetically modified or GMO, they alter DNA. By the way, a little research on GMO and Monsanto paint a pretty clear picture that doesn’t take a genius to connect a few dots. The facts and research are all available to us if we look, they are just not touted loudly in mainstream sources. Another good thing to do is to avoid certain processed foods, because of the chemicals they have. For example, it’s not the ketchup or the burger that is bad for you, it’s the high fructose corn syrup, MSG, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, and preservatives in them.

Unfortunately, we have mainstream western medicine only treating symptoms with pharmacology, while ignoring the cause of the symptoms and not truly addressing the cause root of the problems, but again they treat the consequences of those choices that we make with what we eat. It is important to say, this is not the medical doctors’ fault, but rather the system that trains them, and those who funds their schools and text books. Who spends the most money in Washington lobbying to dominate the industry, industry agenda, and spends double lobbying than even the oil companies? Big pharma! And does it help them if you don’t need their products? There is a long history of dangerous chemicals in foods being allowed/approved by the FDA that make it into your and your loved ones’ daily food sources.
Some great lifestyle changes for those with moderate to severe health issues or obesity is 4-12 weeks of a strict Ketogenic Diet. Practical application of this can be found in YouTube, by Ken Berry, MD, he talks about Keto Diet, and has good advice too, search “ketogenic diet” and read the beginners pdf and other articles. Get some recipes and start, even if you’re not real sick but want to burn fat without working out, think clearer, and lower inflammation for aches or pains. This lifestyle really helps quickly and it can be done with the same amount of money your already spend on groceries. It is a very forgiving diet too, meaning you can do it 4-5 days and off 2 or 3 days. I personally did it strictly for a month then opened up to more of a Paleo style diet, I also tried 4 days of keto and 3 days of Paleo. The point is you can still have pizza with the kids Saturday night and get back into it Monday while still getting great health gains over the course of months to a year, depending how serious you take it. It also changes your taste buds so you start craving real nutritious food instead of high glycemic foods that turn into sugar an hour later like bread, grains, yogurts, fruits, juices, etc. Remember, in general eat a diet from fats, vegetables, and meat for the majority of your diet and 20% or less of starches – when you have startches try to have dark ones only bc the fiber in dark grains, rice , sweet potatoes etc nullify the sugar, minimizing its insulin spike. That’s not Keto but good general advice.
For those that don’t want to tackle lifestyle or dietary changes or anyone wanting to try some cutting edge technology in anti-aging brain health, immune and gut health and decreases lots of peoples pain and rehabs old injuries by fixing the tissue etc YouTube c 60 or carbon 60 origin of life. Its amazing and I will be trying some for my family in the near future – the company i feel comfortable using is

 And remember no disease is caused by your body having a shortage in medication, so why?

Think about how much sugar we eat when for example: we have cereal for breakfast, with yogurt and fruit, and a glass of juice. An apple for mid-morning snack. For lunch a sandwich or maybe pasta with white sauce, and a cookie for dessert, with a soda. Snack on some pretzels in the afternoon. And for dinner, a meat burrito wrapped in flour tortilla having white rice in it. That might not seem too bad, but take a minute to break it down and then you will realize all the hidden sugars in each meal. That is a LOT of sugars and many hidden in starches, which will just get stored in your body and never be used as energy, they will simply create inflammation.
Love your body and treat it well, get adjusted and eat lost of vegetables, protein/meats, and healthy fats (like avocados and coconut oil), drink plenty of water, and watch your body thank you.

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